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LM Fan Club @ AIDS WALK LA '99

Mrs. Sue Moore
Hacienda HTs, CA

19 October 1999

Representatives from both the LA County 
and Orange County Chapters of the Luis Miguel 
International Fan Club proudly walked six miles 
(10 kilometers) as part of their fundraising 
efforts for AIDS WAlK LOS ANGELES '99. We all 
donated money through pledges.  I collected $125.
We proudly carried a big sign with plenty of 
LM pictures posted on it, gave away posters 
and answered lots of questions about "our guy".

We got 'high fives' from other LM fans walking 
for other organizations like Kaiser Permanente 
Hospitals (Nurses like LM!),  Toyota Corp.
(Secretaries too!),  Santa Monica City College 
(Italian exchange students, heh!),  African 
American high school kids (Mariah Carey fans)
and many others along the route.  It was such 
fun and the best part was answering the other 
question,  "Who is Luis Miguel?"

We were NEVER at a loss for words and our only 
regret is that no one brought along a boombox 
so we could play LM as we walked all that
distance.  After all,  in LM's case,  a picture 
is not worth a thousand words...the sound of his 
voice is!   Ah well!   Next year!

Why not plan to join us next year if you're in 
the Los Angeles area? We'd love to see some of 
our newsgroup buddies in person walking along
with us for a good cause!