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Luis Miguel reverts back to his pop days
voxxi.com / By Erick Lappin

Luis Miguel released his new single “Déjà Vu.”

Luis Miguel came back to the recording studio to amuse his early-days fans.

His new single “Déjà Vu” doesn’t sound like the Boleros, Ballads or Mariachis he has recorded in his latest few albums. Déjà Vu sounds much closer to “No Culpes a la Noche” and other more up-beat/Pop hits of his early career.

The song was released on radio stations and multiple digital platforms last Friday. According to his official website, this first single is part of an upcoming record.

Last time “El Sol de Mexico” released new material was in 2010. However, his official page does not specify when exactly the new album will be available or whether it is a concept record that fully brings the singer back to his Pop days.

And I wonder what made “Luismi” touch basis back to Pop. Does he want to take a break from his late repertoire? Does he want to appeal to a broader audience? Is it that he feels more energized again? Is this a reflex of the way he feels in his personal life?

At 44, the artist is in a relation with Kasia, a beautiful Polish girl of which media know little. In February 2013, he gave her a red rose at the beginning of a concert as he has done with previous girlfriends. They’ve been spotted in romantic dates since them and sources assure he is happily in love.

Whatever reasons brought the star back to recording an album, and more significant Pop music, I’m pretty sure this is a cool step in his career. The singer has been sort of confined to tours and recurrent shows in Las Vegas for quite some time.

The song can be heard live in Luis Miguel’s current tour in US “The Hits Tour”, which will extend to Mexico in October.