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Luis Miguel: My Story
by Javier Leon Herrera (This title will be released on April 24, 2018)

Singer Luis Miguel’s authorized biography, written by a noted biographer and distinguished journalist for the world of show business.

From a very young age, Luis Miguel has captivated millions of people with his voice. His charm and grace during childhood gave way to a charismatic teenager who melted the hearts of thousands of followers. As an adult, his talent still inspires the public’s attention and dedication. His albums sell by the thousands and those who have seen him on stage have left entranced by his performance, stage presence, and expressive power.

But what lies behind that dazzling, smiling child? What secrets haunt the teenager who suddenly found himself wrapped up in family scandals, myths and reality about his parents, and existential confusion? What is the reason for Luis Miguel’s reclusiveness with regard to the media? What does that silence, that evasiveness mean? Who have been the loves of his life? What is the relationship that he has with his children, his family, his loved ones?

In this book, distinguished journalist for the world of show business and notable celebrity biographer Javier León Herrera reveals what Luis Miguel’s childhood was really like; what relationship he had with his mother and his father, then-singer Luisito Rey; who he got along with; which friends accompanied him on his rise to fame; how he managed to position himself as the most well-known Mexican singer of our time; what repercussions his resounding success in Europe and the Americas had on his private life. Splendidly documented, this book is an intimate portrait of the singer, his young loves, his sentimental wounds, and his life surrounded by mystery and the closeness of a chosen few.

Luis Miguel: My Story is an authorized entrance into the life of the musical superstar, the lover and father, a look at the child ensnared in a family whirlwind, and at the established singer who seduces the masses. In these pages, readers will find that behind the acclaimed sun, there is also a dark night where love, sadness, and hope unite to fully define the singer.