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Luis Miguel performs for two-night stand at Dodge Arena
Kate Lohnes / The Monitor

When Miriam Forina was 12 years old, she fell in love with Luis Miguel. "I first saw him on TV on a Spanish show called Siempre en Domingo," she said. "I liked the music and as he grew up I still liked his music."

Forina said she outgrew the posters on her bedroom walls, but she never outgrew Luis Miguel. As an adult, Forina has seen Miguel in concert four times. She also owns all of his albums and his DVD, which she listens to when cleaning the house.

"He’s very entertaining," she said. "I think he’s good-looking, but I love his music. He’s a crowd pleaser, and he’s definitely fun to watch and sing along with."

Forina joins the ranks of thousands of Valley residents who can’t get enough of Miguel. According to Tony Forina, Miriam Forina’s husband and program director for "El Digital" XHAVO-FM 101.5, Miguel is one of the few regular concerts to consistently draw a sell-out crowd. Miguel’s upcoming performances at 8 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday aren’t expected to be any exception.

"Every time he comes to the Valley, it’s a huge event," he said. "He had four sold-out shows in the Valley even before the Dodge Arena (was built). He’s always the hottest ticket when it’s announced he’s coming."

According to Lou Rivera, acting general manager at Dodge Arena, Miguel’s last two shows in October 2003 sold out, filling the approximate 5,600 capacity for each show. Ticket demand was so great this year that a second date was added to accommodate the requests. Although there are still tickets available, Rivera said he expects both shows to sell out again this year.

Fans have been eager to get tickets since the first day tickets were sold, Rivera said. People were waiting in line at 11 p.m. on Aug. 26; tickets went on sale at 10 a.m. the next morning.

"It was a mob scene that first day," he said. "We had an event the night before, and we had people waiting in line as we were leaving. They brought their lawn chairs, food and drinks with them to wait. They were just hanging out."

Rivera said Miguel’s stage presence is what attracts the crowds.

"It’s his charisma," he said. "His music is very romantic and he puts out a great performance."

Miguel’s concerts appeal people across generations, said Tony Forina.

"The most incredible part about him is people from every age and demographic like him," he said. "It could be a teenager or a parent or a mom wants to go see him. I guess when you do a duet with Frank Sinatra, your stock is pretty high."

His show is entertaining, and he’s nice to look at, but what keeps the fans coming, said Miriam Forina, is the music.

"When you’re a romantic at heart like I am, playing this music reminds me of my parents and the type of romance you hope your marriage has," she said.