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Juárez promoters welcome Mexican singer Luis Miguel; say security not an issue
por Lourdes Cárdenas / www.elpasotimes.com

JUAREZ -- After a 19-year absence, Mexican singer Luis Miguel returns to Juárez -- the city that launched his career 30 years ago.

Luis Miguel, now 41, will perform at the Benito Juárez Olympic Stadium on Tuesday, and organizers expect a sold-out crowd of 25,000.

"He is very happy to come to Juárez because he made his debut on TV here in Juárez on Channel 44," said Víctor Hugo Sánchez, a promoter for ShowTime, an entertainment company managing Luis Miguel's current tour.

As an 11-year-old, Luis Miguel sang "La Malagueña" on a talk show on Channel 44. That was in 1981.

He returned to Juárez in 1993 to a crowd of about 30,000, according to media reports of that concert. The last time he performed in Juárez was in 1993.

Tuesday's concert is part of his "The Hits Tour," which covers several U.S. cities and some Latin American countries such as Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.

In Mexico, the tour will make three stops: Juárez, Tijuana and Mexicali.

"Juárez was chosen for logistics," Sánchez said. "It was an opportunity for its proximity to the border and the U.S. cities included in the tour."

Security was not a concern when the tour was planned, Sánchez said. "Mexico is going through an insecurity problem in general. Monterrey, Guadalajara and many other places have (problems), but that is not a reason for people not to enjoy things," he said. "I think (events like this) help people go out, have fun and enjoy their city."

As to security issues, Adrián Sánchez Contreras, spokesman for the municipal police, said the local police would be patrolling the area to avoid any crimes, such as auto theft or robberies, or any other problems.

"These are regular operations that we implement for any massive event," Adrián Sanchez said. "Those include patrolling the outside of the arena and being alert for any situation. The city is more quiet now, and we have had several major events without any problem."

Claudia Carrillo, manager of ticket service company Don Boletón, said that 70 percent of the tickets for Tuesday's show have been sold, but that tickets are still available in different sections.

Ticket prices range from $27 to $230, depending on the peso-dollar daily exchange rate.

"We have received calls from people from Chihuahua, Parral, Cuauhtémoc and from other states of Mexico," Carrillo said. "We hope that many people from El Paso will come, too."

Luis Miguel is perhaps the most recognized Mexican singer at an international level. In his 30-year career, he has recorded more than 30 albums and has received many awards.

One of his most successful albums, "Romance," earned 70 platinum records and three gold records. The second version, "Romance II," earned 50 platinum records.

The singer has won seven Grammys in different categories and various other awards, including MTV, Billboard and Viña del Mar awards.

About 500 people are working in the production of the concert, Víctor Hugo Sánchez said.

Seventy of those workers come with the production company, and around 250 were hired locally to set the scenario. The rest of the people are part of Luis Miguel's crew, including his security team.

In the next couple of days, 12 or 13 trucks will arrive in Juárez with all the equipment.

"Without any doubt this is the biggest event for ShowTime," Sanchez said. "Luis Miguel has a record 30 shows in the (Mexico) National Auditorium, which gives an idea of the magnitude of this event."