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Luis Miguel captivates Peruvian fans with unforgettable show

Lima, Nov. 05 (ANDINA). Mexican balladeer Luis Miguel once again captivated a bustling crowd of adoring fans during his Thursday night concert in Lima, Peru.

Accompanied by 14 musicians and two backup singers, the 'Sun of Mexico' opened the show at 21:36 hours singing “Te propongo” amid shouts and sighs from female attendees who sang along.

The setlist featured classics such as “Suave”, “Con tus besos”, “Tres palabras”, “La Barca”, “Volver”, “O tu o ninguna”, among others.

Luis Miguel also took some time to greet his 'wonderful' audience, as he described it.

"Good evening, let’s hear it for Peru. I hope you enjoy this concert, thanks for coming and for making it possible to be here. You’re a wonderful audience," stated the divo.