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Worth the Wait: LuisMi Rocks the Garden
Little Judy / lamusica.com

NEW YORK - Oooh, doll, how I love a happy ending! Luis Miguel held his 'raincheck' concert Friday night at Madison Square Garden and by all accounts it was a thrillah. He started out by apologizing to the audience about having to cancel the Valentine's Day concert. He's one of the most consistent performers and cancelling a show tied in to a special day must have made it even more frustrating for him.

Nevertheless, judging by the flood of e-mail I received on February 15th (and 16th and 17th...) his fans are THE and I mean THE most loyal fans around and all they cared about was that he'd get healthy and get his fine self back to New York.

Healthy, fine and upbeat was exactly how we found him on Friday night. After he apologized, he told the audience "now let's have some fun!" He launched into a two hour show that was only interrupted by two costume changes with no intermission. Highlights included his trademark mariachi set, this time with his mariachis dressed all in white. At another point, he brought a little girl from the audience up to the stage and sang to her and gave her a kiss while thousands of women (and a few men, I suspect) watched, swooned and wished they could impersonate a five-year-old.

I hope it's not considered impolite to quote myself here, but hey, it's my column! I once wrote that "like a Cartier tank watch or a bottle of Chanel No. 5, Luis Miguel will be with us a long time...and he doesn't have to change a thing." Luis Miguel proved Friday night, once again, that he is indeed a "classic".