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The King Dances to the "Son" of a Different Bolero
By Maria Morales / People en Español
February, 2002

After a break from the stage singer Luis Miguel throws himself into the adventure of a new tour and new way of living his life.

You haven't done a promotional tour for almost two years. What have you learned during that time?
Mainly, I've learned that I need my work to be happy and to develop my energy. Singing is therapy for me that frees me of a lot of things. The people that are part of my life have to understand that my life is that way and they have to accept me the way that I am. I learned not idealize people, that's a mistake. You have to accept people as they really are, not as you think they are, because to do so would bring you a big disappointments.

It's said that you only talk to the press when you release a new album and that you have made comments saying that you can't spend your life denying what's being said about you. What do you think about this statement?
That's some kind of living hell, no? To have to be constantly deny things, how dreadful! It isn't true, what I do is that whenever I have something to say, I say it. When I think it is something that has substance and I am giving something to you, that is where you judge for yourselves if you like it or not. In my private life, well yes, I'm not exactly an open book, but that doesn't mean that I can't make exceptions and tell people two or three things that I think are important at the time.

And Mariah?
No, no. I have nothing to say because the relationship ended, I have nothing to say.

In the case of Jose Arias, the Puerto Rican who claims he is your father, why don't you take DNA test and stop the rumors once and for all?
I'm used to that. In all of the years that I've been singing there have arisen relatives from many countries, relatives from all over the place. Mothers, fathers, sons, grandparents, lost cousins. But, there comes a point where, if I were to begin to pay attention to each case, it would really end up taking up a lot of time away from my work. For that there is a legal department, there are others who dedicated to that. That department's job is to take care of that and that's why they get paid and I think those people are happy to take care of it.

Who has been the unforgettable love for you?
Hum. I'll tell you something and it's not for nothing but it isn't just one. They all have different intensity levels and were there for different periods during which I have felt a love that has left me with beautiful memories.

It doesn't have to be a passionate love, it could be a fondness, an affection…
Yes, my mother's. That's important. It is a very special kind of love, very beautiful.

What do you think about the changes that President Fox has made in Mexico?
I love Mexico I believe in Mexico and one must always have faith that things are going to get better in the future. I do not like to talk about politics. However my wish is that Mexico occupy the place it deserves, because it is a great country and I love it very much.

Do you consider yourself a religious person?
I believe in God. But, He knows perfectly well that sometimes I can't make it every Sunday to church because I'm working. But yes, I have a lot of respect for all religions, all of them.

Is it true that you got upset because supposedly your record label let Cristian Castro listen to a master of your record?
No, look, that's the company's business it does not directly concern me. The record company is responsible for the security of the material that was about to be released and if there is any type of lack of control, then they are responsible for it. I really don't know what they are doing or what they have done, however that is something they most definitely have to take care of. Whatever has or hasn't happened, I really don't know.

Do you think that the recording Romances albums is your favorite project?
The idea is to keep recording more albums in that series of 10, which I am thinking of doing, rescuing the most important boleros of the last 100 years and that is the concept that I had ever since I started with the boleros. I love the idea of uniting generations which happens with boleros because the public really comes together: grandmothers, mothers and daughters - they all understand these songs. These types of albums are truly a pleasure to do because they have the best orchestration from different countries in which I have been able to work and with beautiful songs and great musicians. Yes, they are my pet project.