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Luis Miguel: About Love, Music and More...

Luis Miguel is an in-love man. And that shines on his treat and appearance. He seems to be happier, relaxed and even though he's reserved on his answers, he does it in an educated way. For the first time he revealed to feel very happy with a loving relationship with Mariah Carey, that which didn't happen on his previous relationship with Daisy Fuentes.

Why now you feel that way and not before?

"I will be sincere with you. I think that now I am a much happier person that some months ago or one or two years ago, because I feel that I am more stable, more calm."

"It's been maybe a bit misunderstood my supposed attitude change, because I am still the same, just the difference is that now when I am in public with this person that I love so much, I've been surrounded of paparazzi. When I'm not working I enjoy so much being at home and with the company of the person that I love being with, the very few friends I have, and I have always been that kind of guy that doesn't likes to be out that much considering that I'm still young. I had my era some years ago, but in fact I haven't changed anything, in that sense I'm still the same."

His romance with Mariah is more than public; actually that serious that "Big Daddy" the bodyguard that takes care of him day and night introduces himself as personnel of Mariah Carey.

"Nice to meet you, I am Ms Mariah Carey's bodyguard" says that more than 2 meters guy in a very kind voice tone. Even though at the press conference he didn't want to reveal that much about his romance with Mariah he had to accept that maybe in the future his relationship would be formalized.

Do you see yourself married?

"Now I can't say no. There's the possibility. Know what? Before I was more drastic maybe because of my age, but this very time the things look different."

Talking about women.

A couple months ago there was rumor that the duet they did record (Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey) was about to be included in Luis Miguel's album, but now it seems that it could be included in Mariah's album. "Well, we did a couple duets, but this one... " says Luis Miguel and smiles, well, I don't really know if will be in her album, but I really love doing things with that talented woman that is in my life beyond professional matters." "We are in the same career, we are professionals and one thing is for sure, the intentions of doing and realising not just this duet but others and other kind of things are there, but maybe is too soon to talk".

How's your ideal woman?

"I think it is the one you're loving at the time. The same way I guess a woman's ideal man is the one she's loving right now." He says he's very passionate and that the woman that's going to be with him has to have certain things like... "What she has to have is a capacity to understand, in my case, my career, because other way it will be impossible to handle anything 'cause I am always traveling", he says. "I guess comprehension and humanity are important, nice feelings, and have talent in everything she does, even if she's a house keeper."

"When I am in love, I love giving my couple the place she deserves as a woman. I am very gentle. I guess that in a relationship no one has to be the one that has the control. If the relationship is sane, then it has to be comprehension and understanding to get to a mutual desicion. Of course always other factors will interfiere in your life, and that's what make your relationship complicated, because actually we are human. Just brain and heart have to reign the relation. I have cried, and is really incredible to find that mate that has cried too, and that can cry along with you. I am very happy right now, I am a very Catholic guy and I want things to succeed in this relationship. I am really in love this time. I am so happy."