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Review: Luis Miguel thrills at Vegas concert
By Melissa Martinez / El Paso Times

LAS VEGAS -- Sitting inside the Forum Colosseum at Caesar's Palace minutes before Luis Miguel was to take the stage, I looked over at my mother and said maybe this was the last concert for me.

After seeing him nearly a dozen times, several in Sin City, I thought maybe next year we should try something new. "Really?" my mother asked in disbelief. Going to see Luis Miguel in concert in Las Vegas for the 16 de septiembre holiday has become a tradition for my family.

Considering the swarms of other Spanish-speakers roaming Vegas that weekend, it seems other families have taken on the same custom.

So, patiently I sat in the beautiful Caesar's setting, awaiting the comfortable and familiar sight that is El Sol de Mexico. And then shortly after 8:30 p.m., it happened. First, the beginning chimes of the keyboard.

Then the orchestra chimed in. And the video montage appeared. Everyone -- including me -- jumped to their feet, eyes searching every corner of the stage.

From where would he appear? And then he did. And once again I was hooked. "I don't care what you have to do, but next year I want to be in the front row," I said to my sister who always books our tickets.

So much for being ready to move on. If you've ever seen Luis Miguel live, you'll understand. He has this charisma and sensational stage presence that it unlike any other star I've seen in my lifetime.

From the moment he takes the stage, he is engaging -- a true entertainer. On this tour, promoting his latest album "Complices," Luis Miguel is also more personable. Yes, the song set is much of the same.

He sang old favorites such as "Suave," "Tu Imaginacion," and "Que Nivel de Mujer." He also performed with his mariachi, which has become a signature of his concert.

The mariachi medley included songs from his bolero albums and "Mexico en la piel." We were lucky to be staying at Caesar's Palace and take advantage of several impromtu performances of Luis Miguel's mariachi.

When we arrived at the hotel the day before the concert, we were greeted by the musicians playing in the lobby. Then on Saturday night, they played inside the casino outside the Colossuem for nearly an hour.

It was during the mariachi's concert set on Saturday, however, that the crowd truly erupted. Being that it was a Mexican holiday, everyone was in a particularly festive mood and the Mexican crooner just ate it up.

After songs like "La Media Vuelta," and "La Bikina," the audience broke out into cheers of "Mexico! Mexico!"

Already wound up, Luis Miguel took it a step further as he sang his love songs, walked across the stage, picked up a white rose and gave it to a woman in the first row.

Every woman -- whether in the first or last seat -- swooned and screamed to the heavens as if he was handing that flower to her and her alone. In all, he handed out about seven roses.

During his one-song encore, Luis Miguel tossed out three oversized black beach balls with "Luis Miguel" written on the front to close out the two-hour show.

Truly a playful side of the once cold and distant Luis Miguel rarely seen. Perhaps fatherhood has softened him.