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Luis Miguel - 'Romance' CD Review

Before Romance, Luis Miguel was already one of the biggest stars of the Latin Pop genre. This album, however, reshaped the musical style Luis Miguel had developed up to that point in his career. Besides enhancing his overall appeal as an artist, Romance transformed Luis Miguel into the most romantic singer in Latin music. The following is an overview of one of the best albums produced by the Mexican superstar.

The Remaking of Bolero
Romance is first and foremost a Bolero album. This production is, in fact, a compilation of some of the most famous Bolero songs ever written in history. To support the making of Romance, Luis Miguel brought into this production the famous Bolero singer and songwriter Armando Manzanero who acted as the producer of this album alongside Luis Miguel.

With this album, Luis Miguel was able to drive younger generations into the Bolero field. Traditionally speaking, Bolero has been one of the most influential genres in Latin music. However, before the release of Romance, younger generations were not that connected to this genre.

Thanks to the modern musical arrangements that were incorporated into this production, which included the use of modern instruments like drums and synthesizer, and the refreshing looks of a popular Latin Pop star, Romance became a sensations throughout Latin America almost immediately after its release.

In addition to driving younger generation to the Bolero field, Romance also enjoyed enormous popularity among all of those who grew up with the traditional sounds of Bolero music. In other words, this album was a treat for a full spectrum of audiences.

A Romantic Album
Because it deals with Bolero, Romance is an album that reshaped one of the most common themes in Latin music: Love. This is the perfect album for something like Valentine's Day. Thanks to this production and his good looks, which he enhanced with his elegant clothing, Luis Miguel established himself as a sort of the Rudolph Valentino of Latin music.

The 12 tracks included on this album feature classic hits from songwriters like Armando Manzanero ("No Se Tu" and "Te Extraño"), Luis Demetrio ("La Puerta"), Roberto Cantoral ("La Barca") and Emma Elena Valdelamar ("Mucho Corazon"). All these songs were enhanced by the amazing voice of Luis Miguel.

'Romance' - Bottom Line
If you are looking for romantic music in Spanish, I would immediately recommend Romance to you. This is, in my opinion, the best album Luis Miguel has produced throughout his successful career. Romance had an incredible impact on Latin music. It brought back to life a genre that younger generations traditionally related to their parents. When an album is able to achieve something like this, you know you are in front of an outstanding work.

Romance was also an innovative album capable of adding in a very successful way modern musical arrangements into traditional Bolero. On top of that, Luis Miguel's voice sounds fantastic throughout the whole CD. This is one of the easiest Latin music albums to give five stars to.

'Romance' - Best Tracks
This is one of those albums where you can say all of the songs are great. It kind of depends on your own preferences regarding the different singles that are featured on this CD. Having said this, I am going to choose the tracks that I personally like the most from this production.