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S-o-o-o hot: Luis Miguel wows fans at sold-out show

The feminine roar emanating from Anselmo Valencia Tori Amphitheater Saturday extended two miles down West Valencia Road.

That's where some folks were holding up a sign that read, "I need tickets."

International pop idol Luis Miguel's sold-out concert was definitely the hottest ticket in town, and the 4,600-plus fans in attendance were happy to explain why.

"He's a son of Mexico who is s-o-o-o handsome, with beautiful eyes, his tan is adorable and he is very muscular," said a nearly hyperventilating Adriane Cordova, a 30-year-old Nogales, Sonora, resident.

As Cordova's pal Ruby Chavez, 23, put it: "In Mexico, he's as big as Mickey Mouse."

Miguel took the stage with his signature song, "Amor," and quickly belted out a series of tunes. Swaggering before a massive, billowing- in-the-wind silk curtain, he sang in only two gears: medium and loud.

Still, the concert was the antithesis of a phone-it-in performance. Miguel was soaked in sweat - much to the delight of shrieking ladies in the front rows - by his third number.

And to be fair, a couple thousand dutiful husbands and boyfriends came to the concert as well.

Tucsonan Francisco Auila, 22, swore he wasn't jealous of the Miguel- induced smile plastered on the face of his girlfriend, 20-year-old Cecilia Cruz of Hermosillo.

"Well, I might be a little bit, but nothing is going to happen," he said, smiling. "At least I hope not."