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Enologist impressed by Luis Miguel's wine culture
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Santiago, Chile - Chilean enologist Aurelio Montes stated being surprised by Luis Miguel's knowledge in wine. He personally chose the grape juice that would bare his name, " Unico. Luis Miguel."

Montes said that the Mexican singer "knows very well the enologist language, he's a great taster. He's really accurate, more than a normal consumer.

"Luis Miguel has a lifetime formation. Since he travels a lot, he tastes and he's used to have very good wines. It was great working with him."

He recalled that in 2002 Luis Miguel went through every vineyard in Viña Ventisquero, "looking for a different zone wine, with quality" to create " Unico. Luis Miguel."

"When we decided to make this wine together, I gave him all the premium quality wines for him to choose."

The Revista del Campo magazine stated that the enologist was surprised by Luis Miguel's comments. Montes said that "he tried the best terroir, dedicated to the premium wines" coming from several valleys in the central part of Chile.

Montes recalled that "Luis Miguel tasted in the barrel, which is really complex, not everybody understands it. They must know that the wine will have an evolution." After this, he chose for the Trinidad production, located in Longovilo, 60 km western Santiago.

Montes also stated that "we were a special couple in the wine, very natural. He was involved in a 100 percent. We told him 'we want you to go for you to taste the wine. I give you the technical part and you taste.' He was immediately willing to.

"His decision was excellent. Trinidad had very balanced grapevines. He liked it because of the strength, the tannins, and the fruit."

He added that "at the end we played with the percentages, we didn't look at it. Finally we decided to have an 85 percent of Cabernet Sauvignon and a 15 percent of Syrah." The wine matured in French barrels for 13 or 14 months.

He described " Unico. Luis Miguel ", is an "intense red wine, with almost black notes. Very intense and complex for the nose, with a wide variety of red fruits, like plum and cherries, and other black fruits.

"The place gives spicy notes for black pepper, clove smell, leather, vanilla, and chocolate from the wood. It's intense in the mouth, but with a smooth ending for the Syrah round tannins. I'm really happy with it."

He added that "as enologist I hope that it (the wine) is valued in itself. I care about the wine being technically good. The story is important, but if the wine is not good, it dies."

Montes stated that the wine is directed to Latin America, people who knows about wine, and for Luis Miguel's fans. It will hit the market next November, and in will cost 28 dollars in the national market. NTX