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Luis Miguel, Super Exclusive

He gives another private concert in Guadalajara, capital of Jalisco, Mexico.

This week in Guadalajara, capital of the Mexican state of Jalisco, the popular singer Luis Miguel offered another private concert that lasted an hour and 35 minutes, during which he played 34 songs for 3 thousand people.

This exclusive Luis Miguel concert took place at a well-known club in Guadalajara, where they set up the stage, tables, and chairs in the golf course gardens.

The cost of tickets to the VIP section was four thousand pesos, or nearly 364 dollars, and before the concert started, people enjoyed sushi, cold meats, cheeses, and red wine.

On this occasion, Luis Miguel played the same set as on last March 22 and 23 at the Estadio Tres de Marzo, with one change: two Christmas songs.

The artist, who didn’t do a sound check, spent the entire concert signaling to the people in the sound control booth.

Unhappy with the sound, Luis Miguel signaled for them to turn up the guitars and monitors and turn down other instruments.

This was the last concert Luis Miguel will offer in 2006, and it started with “Qué nivel de mujer,” during which the artist’s shadow could be seen on the screen. Instead of coming through the door, he came out from behind a black curtain, in an impeccable black suit with a white and black tie.

Then Luis Miguel greeted the audience: “How are you? Let’s go crowd, everybody up,” and then went on with “Dame tu amor” and “Suave.”

At one point, the artist explained that it was a great pleasure to return to Guadalajara: “It’s a beautiful city, but more so its people. Tonight we’ll remember boleros, some mariachi songs.”

“I’m going to move Christmas up a bit and sing great songs that don’t go out of style,” said the singer. Later, when singing “La gloria eres tú,” he decided to turn down the volume to hear the chorus and the crowd, who also sang along to “Bésame mucho,” “La última noche,” and “Te necesito.”

While he performed those boleros, Luis Miguel gathered flowers and took the hands of women who reached out to touch him.

The artist was protected by two bodyguards who remained at the sides of the stage from the show’s start to finish, amid fireworks and a shower of colored paper.