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New Essay Delves into Life of Mexican Pop Icon Luis Miguel
Latin American Herald Tribune

MEXICO CITY � A new journalistic essay shines a light on some of the darkest passages in the life of Mexican pop superstar Luis Miguel.

� It's a pretty dense story,�author Javier Leon Herrera told EFE in an interview, adding that the singer's rise to fame�was no bed of roses.�

In Luis Miguel: The Story�which is based upon Herrera's own 1997 novel�Luis, Mi Rey�(Luis, My King) the author delves into some of the darkest episodes in Luis Miguel's life and describes the arduous documentation process he went through years earlier.

To illustrate his experience interviewing some of his �very inaccessible� sources, he details an encounter with Mario Gallego, one of the singer�s uncles, who asked him � Have you come to kill me?� upon meeting him in a hotel in Spain.

Luis Miguel's family history which at one point jeopardized his singing career is �darker than oil,� said the Spanish-born writer, author of other biographies, such as �Adios eterno�(Eternal Goodbye), which tells the life story of late Mexican traditional music icon Juan Gabriel (1950-2016).

The essay also depicts the mysterious 1986 disappearance of Luis Miguel's Italian mother, Marcela Basteri, whose family has accused the singer's father of murdering her, albeit with �no proof.�

Herrera�s collaborator, Juan Manuel Navarro � who has interviewed the singer as many as four times revealed some of the low points in Luis Miguel's life over the years, including his recent legal issues, as well as a medical problem that affected his voice.

Despite the difficulties, the singer made a comeback last year with his most recent studio album �Mexico Forever!� as well as a tour across Mexico, the US and Spain.

� You can tell his energy is totally different,�Herrera said about the star, who turns 48 on Thursday. �I think things will go well for him.�

The upcoming Telemundo/Netflix production �Luis Miguel: The Series� aims to show the singer's human side and portray him in a good light.

Leon Herrera and Navarro acted as consultants for the series.